By Higher Logic

How it works:

To enable HTTPS on your site, an HTTPS certificate is needed. To do so, two files are required. The private key, and the CSR. This page helps generate both of those files.

The CSR is provided to the Certificate Authority, or, the place you are obtaining the certificate from. The private key is yours, and should not be provided to the Certificate Authority. The Certificate Authority takes the CSR and turns it in to a certificate. The certificate, together with the private key, enable HTTPS.

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Once you have filled out everything above to your liking, click "Generate" to start the process.

When the private key is available after clicking "Generate", the next step is to download it. Do not lose this file. Keep it someplace safe while the Certificate Authority issues you a certificate.

Once you've downloaded the private key, you can generate the CSR and submit it to your certificate authority.

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